In-Store Services
QES Computers, Inc.
is staffed with technical engineers who can pinpoint the cause of a computer problem and resolve it in a timely manner.
  Upgrade Evaluation Free
  Basic Diagnostic $60.00 (waved if proceeding with further service)
  General Troubleshooting/Repair $60.00/hour
  All Other Services Rates are depending on the complexity of the service.
Please call (925) 463-8100 for competitive rates.

On-Site Services
Installing corporate networks is a complex series of choices w/benefits & consequences.

Which server operating system(s) should I use?
How am I going to protect my network from power surges and failures?
Can I backup my data and restore it in case of fire, theft, or hardware failure?
What level of Internet Firewall Security is suitable for my company?

To obtain answers to these important questions above, please call (925) 463-8100 and schedule an appointment for a FREE on-site network evaluation, an $80.00 value. No commitment required.
  On-Site Network Cabling $120.00 / Connection (subject to inspection)
  On-Site Service Rates $80.00/hour (network configuration/troubleshooting)
One hour minimum for location within 15 miles.
Two hours minimum for location beyond 15 miles.
On-Site Service Contract Rates



Recommended Number
of Computers
  $1,500.00 / 20-Hours $100.00 5-15
  Purchasing an on-site service contract is recommended for new/start-up companies where frequent network upgrades are expected to occur within a short time period.

Our satisfied customer testimonials are a tribute to our quality and efficient service.
Additional references are available upon request.
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