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QES Computers has a wide variety of high end computer systems and network servers to meet your business needs. We are authorized resellers of many high quality products.
Intel® Xeon® Processor

  New Intel 2nd Generation I5/I7 in Stock
  Spacer QES Slim Client System $299
  Spacer QES E-Client System $349
  Spacer QES AMD Business Class System $498
  Spacer QES Thunder V Series System $518
  Spacer QES Dynamic Core -i VPro System $699
  Spacer QES Ultra Flash i-Series Systen $588
  Spacer QES Core-i5/7 Systems $868
  Spacer QES Core-i7 Extreme System $1,338
Rackmount Systems
  Cabinets / Accessories / Peripherals
  Spacer Intel R1208GL4DS Server System $1,918
  Spacer Intel R1304BTL 1U Server $1,099
  Spacer Intel R2208gzgc_2UServer $2,296
  Spacer QES HPC Server-R2208LH2HKC2
  Spacer Intel Web Modular Server $3,499
  Spacer AMD 4/6X Core Opteron 1U Server $1,448
  Spacer AMD Quad Opteron 1U Server $1,988
  Spacer Rackmount Cabinets  
  Spacer Rackmount Accessories  
  Spacer Rackmount Peripherals  

  New Six Core Processors Available
  Spacer QES Corei7 Cad-Cam Systems $1,398
  Spacer QES AMD Pro Gamer $888
  Spacer QES Phemon Business Class System $538
  Spacer QES Ultra Power Cad-Cam Workstation $2,397
Tower Servers
  Several Configurations Available
  Spacer QES Essential Server $798
  Spacer Intel SOHO V Server $928
  Spacer Intel Intelligent SOHO IV Server $1,728

Asus Ensembled Laptop Asus Ensembled Laptop HP ProBook Notebook Lenovo Laptop Sony Laptop
QES Elegant (3) Asus
Ensembled (3)
ProBook (3)
Lenovo (3) Sony (3)

Monthly Specials Peripherals
Specials Peripherals
Monthly Specials (4) Peripherals (3)
Customize Your Next Computer System
Customize Your Next Computer System Intel Pentium® 4 Customize Your Next Computer System
  Customized PC Quote Form

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